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Why and what does Craheim stand for ?

Schloss Craheim is a castle in Bavaria in the region of Stadtlauringen in the area of Schweinfurt in the country of Germany.

Many years ago I had the pleasure of doing a years voluntary work in the castle as a member of the community there.

Schloss Craheim is an Oecumenical Charismatic Christian Centre which operates under the banner of Lutheran –Baptist –and Fransiscan leadership . This is a living example of how different groups of Christians can live together ,work together and worship together without losing their individuality.

When I looked for a name for my new company –CRAHEIM seemed perfect – a name that stands for honesty ,integrity and fairness. As a company these are the lines along which we will try to run our business and hope that the name of Craheim will not be cheapened but upheld.

We look forward to the future and only time will tell if we have achieved our aim.

To this end we will appreciate your feedback to be able to monitor our success.

Wullie Wilson

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